Angel Taborda Britch | Meshio Hills - Angel Taborda Britch

Meshio Hills

15.000 M2

The major challenge of this project was to build on a forested plot, whose dense mass colonized the entire ground. This would entail strictly at the disposal of the main islands of trees, some of which housed specimens bearing age and venerable enough to be considered. A rigorous topographical study defined the areas to be build.

The remaining patches of free space defined the final form of the buildings.

The design strategy was limited, therefore, to follow this outline and give materiality to the habitable units. We proposed three typologies, according to their capacity of adaptation to the strong north-south gradient of the plot.

We designed a long stepping building, ensuring the views of each unit on the contiguous, accompanying the slope.

Two other types were designed with different surfaces, the Butterflies, whose name comes from the formal arrangement of its units around a central double height and the Volumepacts , whose compactness allow more floor area on lower occupancy. All houses had to accomplish a preponderant requirement, to be placed on the parcel without obstructing the view of each other.